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Το περιοδικό της Πελοποννήσου

 Αιολικά Πάρκα: Κινήματα πολιτών σε διάφορες χώρες

ΝησιάΚινήματα πολιτών σε διάφορες χώρες που είναι ενάντια στην εγκατάσταση βιομηχανικών αιολικών μονάδων

Δικτυακοί τόποι χώρες
www.juracretes.ch ΕΛΒΕΤΙΑ
www.erholungsraum.at ΑΥΣΤΡΙΑ
ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/windfarms/ ΒΡΕΤΑΝΙΚΕΣ ΑΚΤΕΣ
ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/RobertWelsh ΟΥΑΛΙΑ
www.windfarm.fsnet.co.uk ΝΟΤΙΑ ΑΓΓΛΙΑ
www.cefncroes.org.uk ΟΥΑΛΙΑ
mcwag.members.beeb.net ΣΚΟΤΙΑ
www.misplacedwindpower.com ΗΝΩΜΕΝΕΣ ΠΟΛΙΤΕΙΕΣ ΑΜΕΡΙΚΗΣ
wind.glow.nl ΟΛΛΑΝΔΙΑ
landskapsskydd.nu ΣΟΥΗΔΙΑ
http://www.dartdorset.org/index.shtml ΑΓΓΛΙΑ
http://www.windstop.org/pages/1/index.htm ΗΠΑ
http://www.socme.org/walk.html Ν. ΟΥΑΛΙΑ



Save our Border Scenery. A site specifically campaigning to protect the Scottish borders from proloiferation by windfarms. Masses of articles, images and points of views.
Save-the-Vale! (SVAG) A South West England group fighting to save the Blackmore Vale from Ecotricity's plans to erect two 65m turbines amongst the rolling landscape of the South West.
Wind-Farm.org - Superbly put together web site, grown up politics and straight talking without the usual 'greenwash'. Forums, discussions you name it. Inspiring!
GreenNature of Slovenia - fighting to preserve the Golic area of Slovenia. We havn't read this site as its in Slovenian!
Visit the Views of Scotland campaign site at www.viewsofscotland.org to see how Scotland is fighting to prevent the unspoilt Scottish landscape from being ruined by the blight of turbines.
The much publicised proposals to cover the beautiful Isle of Skye with turbines has been met with much opposition from local residents. Visit their campaign website at http://www.sw-ag.org/
Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound - An American site based around a proposed development at Cape Cod. Their campaign is detailed at www.saveoursound.org/getin.html
Local residents claim to have been kept in the dark about the construction of three massive turbines at Wood Farm near to Shipdham and Bradenham in Norfolk. Visit their site and read their tale at www.shipdhamturbines.co.uk
Yet another village under threat. This time locals surrounding Rimside Moor in Northumberland. Visit their website at http://www.wind-farms.co.uk/
Tairgwaith Action Group. A Welsh village action group fighting to prevent their village from suffering what we are here in Cumbria.
ALARM. Altamont Landowners Against Rural Mismanagement. A website explaining the problems associated with windfarm bird kills (particularly raptors).
Elgea Stop! The mountaineers of the Basque region in Spain are pretty fed up with the invasion of their breathtaking mountain ranges by windfarms. This web site, much of which is in Spanish and Basque, details their campaign to protect this wild and previously unspoilt landscape. Some spectacular pictures of the Basque mountains and some not so pleasant ones of the windfarms.
 Mesa Eólica de Castilla y León. This Spanish group is setting up a national federation, although all in Spanish the site is packed with graphics and has recording of turbines thrashing away.
Isle of Islay - Terrific scenery and a wealth of wildlife has been threatened by the plans for a windfarm on this unspoilt Scottish island. Luckily, so far, the developers have been kept at bay.
Bien Vivre en Pays de Caux Villagers in France, are under threat of a group of four separate windfarms in the Normandy countryside. This French website explains the problems the local residents are experiencing trying to prevent a collection of turbines from being erected as close as 250 metres from their houses. (In French)
Country Guardian are the authority on highlighting the problems associated with the construction of wind turbines in our countryside. For an honest answer to your query about the impact of wind farms on our countryside try here first! Unlike the others they have no commercial interest and their technical papers are amongst the best we've found on the net.
British Wind Energy Association: Fiercely defensive about their industry, in particular it would appear that Country Guardian are a real thorn in their side. The BWEA doesn't seem to have any control over its members but only seems to fulfil some kind of publicity agents role. Get their Best Practice Guidelines here
European Wind Energy Association: Again very defensive but has some useful reference documents. Has a 'secret' area for members only!
Weardale Preservation. The beautiful countryside of Weardale is being devastated by the construction of wind turbines, for more details on the campaign in this area of the country visit this web site.
Danish Wind Turbine Manufacturers Association: Obviously very hot on denying the noise problem but full of useful facts and figures. Try out their noise calculator - it doesn't seem to agree with what we have experienced!
Makara Guardians. The people of New Zealand also have a problem with the threat of wind turbines invading their country. Visit this site and sign on to their petition to help protect their beautiful land.
Views of Angus. "Renewable Energy Systems" are proposing to erect a wind power station on Ark Hill near Glamis, find out what the people of Angus think about this idea.
The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales. Sadly for them the good people of Wales have suffered from the blight of turbines more than most. The CPRW web site is a good source of information for data concerning power outputs of turbines based on actual values rather than the theoretical values touted by the wind industry. A really well informed site with lots of useful stuff -  and in Welsh too (if you want).
The Cefn Croes Campaign. Another Welsh campaign, this time fighting a proposal for a huge 39 x 1.5MW station near Aberystwyth in Mid Wales.
www.Weiperfelden.de Another German site with lots of pages of technical information and a discussion forum. Has links to other sites around Europe.



Δικτυακοί τόποι περιοχές
www.windkraftgegner-thransheide.de Waldsrode
www.windradgegner.de Niederkrüchten
www.lls-nds.de Niedersachen
www.pro-nienhagen.de Detmold
www.probuente.de Bad Salzdetfurth
www.balge1.de/windpark/index2.htm Balge
www.windkraftgegner.de/Mauerstetten/ Mauerstetten
www.roebers.net/WKA-Boykott/WKA-Boykott.htm Barntrup/Lippe
Bundesverband Landschaftschutz Umfangreiche Sammlung von Texten und weiterführenden Links, fast täglich aktualisiert.
www.huegelland.tripod.com Rheinhessen-Pfalz
homepages/compuserve.de/wendtsfh/ Frickenhofer Höhe, Ostalbkreis/Baden-Württemberg
www.weiperfelden.de Weiperfelden-Cleeberg
www.weiperfelden.de Süddeutschland
www.gsgw.de Süddeutschland
www.saubere-zukunft.de Albshausen
home.t-online.de/home/0812452261-001/pundc.htm Pro und Kontra Windkraft, ausführliche technische Erläuterungen zu Sinn und Unsinn der Windenergienutzung in Deutschland.
www.ohrtermersch.de Bürgerinitiative Ohrtermersch
www.windparkgegner.de Dreieck Zieko - Düben - Klieken (Sachsen-Anhalt).
www.pro-glindow.de Dreieck Zieko - Düben - Klieken (Sachsen-Anhalt).
www.wolfgang-gemba.de Bürgerinitiative



νομικοί σύμβουλοι
www.hans-peterweber.de RA Weber, Bonn. Spezialgebiet Windkraft und Schutz der Anlieger
www.anwaltskanzleienders.de RA Enders, Bonn, ist seit vielen Jahren gegen Windkraftanlagen aktiv. Er berät Gemeinden, Bürgerinitiativen und Betroffene


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